OverDrive and Kobo

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07 May 2010

Many TRAC users have been asking the question: will OverDrive work with the Kobo eReader?

TRAC is happy to report that the Kobo eReader, available in Canada from Chapters Indigo, is compatible with OverDrive eBook titles. 

Once you have installed the Kobo drivers on your computer, go about your eBook browse, checkout and download process normally.  When you open up Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), attach your Kobo eReader to your computer.  When it is recognized, ADE will ask you to authorize the device.  Once authorized, the Kobo eReader will show up in your ADE library, just like an iPod shows up in iTunes.  From there, you can drag and drop the EPUB and PDF titles you have downloaded onto the device.  It's quite easy!


Please note: EPUB titles are found in the "Books" section on your Kobo.  PDF titles, on the other hand, appear in the "Documents" section.


OverDrive for Kids now available!
08 May 2017

Did you know we have an OverDrive website just for kids? This new curated collection features only juvenile titles, making it quicker and easier for kids to find something they want to read.

Click here to start browsing.

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