CAM Collection

A collection of evidence-based information on complementary and alternative medicine, focusing on how CAM can be integrated with conventional medicine. Kept up-to-date with the assistance of the Integrated Health Institute. Housed in the High River Centennial Library and available for interlibrary loan.
Title Author/Artist
"Crazy" therapies : what are they?, do they work? Singer, Margaret Thaler
"I don't know what to say--" : how to help and support someone who is dying Buckman, Rob
1000 cures for 200 ailments : integrated alternative and conventional treatments for the most common illnesses
1001 chemicals in everyday products Lewis, Grace Ross
20-minute yoga workouts Christensen, Alice
25 natural ways to relieve headaches Fox, Romy
4 weeks to maximum immunity : disease-proof your body
50 ways to prevent and manage stress Rosenthal, M Sara
55 most common medicinal herbs : the complete natural medicine guide Boon, Heather
6 steps to an emotionally intelligent teenager : teaching social skills to your teen Windell, James
7 minutes of magic : the ultimate energy workout Holden, Lee
7 steps to a smoke-free life Fisher, Edwin B
714-X : an information package
A barefoot doctor's guide for women Delvaux, Georgette Maria
A call to women : the healthy breast program & workbook Kaur, Sat Dharam
A cancer therapy : results of fifty cases and the cure ofadvanced cancer by diet therapy : a summary of 30 years of clinical experimentation Gerson, Max
A change of heart : recovering from heart disease - in body and mind Baker, Brian
A commotion in the blood : life, death, and the immune system Hall, Stephen S
A consumer's dictionary of food additives Winter, Ruth
A delicate balance : living sucessfully with chronic illness Wells, Susan Milstrey
A dietitian's cancer story : information and inspiration for recovery and healing from a 3-time cancer survivor Dyer, Diana
A doctor's guide to therapeutic touch Wager, Susan
A guide to alternative medicine
A guided meditation to help you with rheumatoid arthritis or lupus Naparstek, Belleruth
A guy's guide to pregnancy : preparing for parenthood together Mungeam, Frank
A handbook of native American herbs Hutchens, Alma R
A heart as wide as the world living with mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion Salzberg, Sharon
A meditation for mastering menopause Naparstek, Belleruth
A meditation to help ease pain Naparstek, Belleruth
A meditation to help with fribromyalgia & chronic fatigue Naparstek, Belleruth
A meditation to help you combat depression Naparstek, Belleruth
A meditation to help you control diabetes Naparstek, Belleruth
A meditation to help you fight cancer Naparstek, Belleruth
A meditation to help you with chemotherapy Naparstek, Belleruth
A meditation to help you with healthful sleep Naparstek, Belleruth
A meditation to help you with weight loss Naparstek, Belleruth
A meditation to promote a healthy heart Naparstek, Belleruth
A meditation to promote successful surgery Naparstek, Belleruth
A path to healing : a guide to wellness for body, mind, and soul Sullivan, Andrea D
A patient's guide to knee and hip replacement : everything you need to know Silber, Irwin
A perfect 10 : phyto "new-trients" against cancers a practical guide for the breast, prostate, colon, lung Pawlak, Laura
A practical guide to holistic health Rama, Swami
A primer on lymphedema Kelly, Deborah G
A quiet world : living with hearing loss Myers, David G
A time to live : seven tasks of creative aging Raines, Robert Arnold
A to Z guide to your child's behavior : a parent's easy and authoritative reference to hundreds of everyday problems and concerns from birth to 12 yea
A woman doctor's guide to skin care : essential facts and up-to-the minute information on keeping skin healthy at any age Bergfeld, Wilma F
A woman's book of balance : finding your physical, spiritual, and emotional center with yoga, strength training, and dance Andes, Karen
A woman's guide to male menopause : real solutions for helping him maintain vitality and virility Rose, Marc R
A woman's guide to sleep : guaranteed solutions for a good night's restWalsleben, Joyce A


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