CAM Collection

A collection of evidence-based information on complementary and alternative medicine, focusing on how CAM can be integrated with conventional medicine. Kept up-to-date with the assistance of the Integrated Health Institute. Housed in the High River Centennial Library and available for interlibrary loan.
Title Author/Artist
Hydrotherapy and massage.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy Neubauer, Richard A
Hypnosis : a comprehensive guide : [producing deep trance phenomena] James, Tad
Hypnosis : medicine of the mind : a complete manual on hypnosis for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioner Preston, Michael D
Hypnosis and the treatment of depressions : strategies for change Yapko, Michael D
Hypnosis in the relief of pain Hilgard, Ernest R (Ernest Ropiequet)
I don't want to talk about it : overcoming the secret legacy of male depression Real, Terrence
I wasn't ready to say goodbye : surviving, coping & healing after the sudden death of a loved one Noel, Brook
I'd rather laugh : how to be happy even when life has other plans for you Richman, Linda
I'm not in the mood : what every woman should know about improving her libido Reichman, Judith
I.B.S. relief : a doctor, a dietitian, and a psychologist provide a team approach to managing irritable bowel syndrome Burstall, Dawn
Illustrated reverse dictionary : find the words on the tip of your tongue
Imagery in healing : shamanism and modern medicine Achterberg, Jeanne
Immunotics : a revolutionary way to fight infection, beat chronic illness, and stay well Colman, Carol
In pursuit of fertility : a fertility expert tells you how to get pregnant Franklin, Robert R
In their own words
Infinite grace : where the worlds of science and spiritual healing meet Goldner, Diane
Inner passages, outer journeys : wilderness, healing, and the discovery of self Cumes, David
Inside chiropractic : a patient's guide Homola, Samuel
Inside the brain : revolutionary discoveries of how the mind works Kotulak, Ronald
Instant emotional healing : acupressure for the emotions Lambrou, Peter T
Instant relaxation : how to reduce stress at work, at home and in your daily life : state-of-the art fun and easy exercises for developing the advance Lederer, Debra
Instant stretches for stress relief : instant energy and relaxation with easy-to-follow yoga stretching techniques Evans, Mark
Integrated cancer care : holistic, complementary, and creative approches
Integrating complementary health procedures into practice Clark, Carolyn Chambers
Integrating conventional & alternative therapies : holistic care for chronic conditions Eliopoulos, Charlotte
Integrating exercise, sports, movement, and mind : therapeutic unity
Integrative acupressure : a hands-on guide to balancing the body's structure and energy for health and healing McClellan, Sam
Integrative health care : complementary and alternative therapies for the whole person Sierpina, Victor S
Intelligent medicine : a guide to optimizing health and preventing illness for the baby-boomer generation Hoffman, Ronald L
Intelligent patient guide to breast cancer : all you need to know to take an active part in your treatment Olivotto, Ivo
Intentional healing : a guide to the mind/body healing system Dacher, Elliott S
Interpretation of diagnostic tests Wallach, Jacques B (Jacques Burton)
Intuitive eating : a recovery book for the chronic dieter : rediscover the pleasures of eating and rebuild your body image Tribole, Evelyn
Irritable bladder & incontinence : a natural approach Hunt, Jennifer
Is marijuana the right medicine for you? : a factual guide to medical uses of marijuana Zimmerman, Bill
Iscador : an information package
It takes a worried man : a memoir Halpin, Brendan
Jumpstart your metabolism : how to lose weight by changing the way you breathe Grout, Pam
Junk science judo : self-defense against health scares & scams Milloy, Steven J
Just the weigh you are : how to be fit and healthy, whatever your size Jonas, Steven
Kava : nature's answer to stress, anxiety, and insomnia Cass, Hyla
Kava : nature's stress relief Connor, Kathryn M
Kava : the ultimate guide to nature's anti-stress herb Greenwood-Robinson, Maggie
Keep your breasts! : preventing breast cancer the natural way Moss, Susan
Keeping fitness simple Shimer, Porter
Keeping life simple Levine, Karen
Keeping work simple : 500 tips, rules, and tools Aslett, Don
Kicking addictive habits once and for all : a relapse prevention guide Daley, Dennis C
Kids for keeps : preventing injuries to children Lesperance, Martin


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